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Duty of Sheep to Shepherds


1.     Bible List

a.     Hebrews 13:7

b.     Hebrews 13:17

c.     Hebrews 13:24

d.     Follow, submit, obey, salute

2.     1 Thessalonians 5:12-13

a.     Know them

b.     Esteem them

c.     In love

d.     For the work they do

3.     1 Timothy 5:17-20

a.     Not verse 1 – this is age group, not office

b.     Double honor

                                                    i.     Esteem, respect

                                                   ii.     Pay salary

c.     Don’t accuse without witnesses

                                                    i.     Church is not a democracy

                                                   ii.     Bad mouth elders = treason

d.     Them that sin – rebuke

4.     Second List

a.     Treat them they way you want to be treated

b.     Co-operate with them

c.     Support the work financially

d.     Encourage them by words

e.     Pray for them

f.      Offer them suggestions – not ultimatums

g.     Back their decisions

                                                    i.     Unless sinful to do so

h.     Strive for unity

i.       Be their friend – lonely at the top

j.       Remember – they are human

                                                    i.     We deny infallible Pope, expect it of elders

k.     Give these men your support

                                                    i.     Please God

                                                   ii.     You will be happier

                                                 iii.     Elders work will be easier

                                                 iv.     Church will grow

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