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TITLE: Dreams Can Become Reality

TEXT: Genesis 11:1-9

PROPOSITION: We must learn to dream and work to see the dreams become reality.


KEY WORD: Observations

INTRODUCTION: The "Tower of Babel" story

               1. What they were building? - I don't know the size or shape of the building.

               2. What was wrong with their plan? God commanded them to scatter over the earth.

               3. I DO KNOW -

                              A. God knew that their dream could become reality.

                              B. We will examine the statement this morning.

               4. Four Observations that God makes -

1. The People Is One

               A. Not - "The people are one."

                              1. People = singular – “The people is one”

                              2. There are not 1,000s of individuals

                              3. One unit is under discussion

               B. How can 1,000s be "ONE"?

                              1. Husband and wife - Genesis 2:24

                              2. Christ and the Church - Ephesians 5:31-32

                              3. Paul and Apollos - 1 Corinthians 3:6-8

2. Their Language Is One

               A. In the context of Genesis 11

                              1. All spoke the same language (1)

                              2. God confounded their languages (7)

               B. Figuratively in the New Testament

                              1. Talk the same language

                                             a. 1 Corinthians 1:10 "speak the same thing"

                                             b. Philippians 1:27 "one mind"

                                             c. Romans 12:16 "of the same mind"

                                             d. Romans 15:5 "like-minded"

                                             e. Philippians 2:2 "of one mind"

                                             f. Philippians 3:16 "mind the same thing"

                              2. When two or more are of one mind -

                                             a. Matthew 18:19   pray together

                                             b. Matthew 18:20   assemble together

3. Nothing Will Be Restrained

               A. If man has the will -

                              1. Nothing will hold him back.

                              2. He can get it done.

                              3. Are there any believers here today?

               B. God has given us the ability to:

                              1. Fly to the moon

                              2. Send pictures by satellite

                              3. Find Cures for diseases, new medicines

4. Which They Have Imagined To Do

               A. If it can be conceived - it can be achieved

               B. Dream and see them become reality

                              1. God knew that this tower was possible.

                              2. It would take a direct intervention to stop it.


               God wants us to be one.

               We must be of one mind.

               We have the ability to get it done.

               We can do what we dream and imagine and plan.

               Make sure your plans are also God’s plans.            

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