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TITLE: Divorce, The Rule

TEXT: Mark 10:2-12

PROPOSITION: God would like for us to focus on the rule, rather than trying to expand the exception.


KEY WORD: Particulars



            1. The divorce question is very important in our world.

            2. There is a valid exception.

            3. FIRST, we need to understand the rule.

            4. This text gives four particulars.

I. The Question          2

            A. Pharisees

            B. Tempting him

            C. "Is it lawful?"

            D. Matthew - "For every cause?"

            E. Intent - "Are you liberal or conservative?"

II. The Response       3-5

            A. "What did Moses say?"

                        1. We need to answer that way.

                        2. What does the Bible say?

            B. Here is the reason for the allowance:

                        1. Hardness of your hearts.

                        2. Provided protection to women.

                        3. Put up roadblocks for men.

III. The Intent  6-9

            A. From the beginning

                        1. Created - male and female

                        2. One man and one woman = material for marriage

            B. Two vital words for a marriage.

                        1. Leave - father and mother

                        2. Cleave - "glue" to each other

            C. They should blend into oneness.

            D. God joined them.  Man should not separate.

IV. The Rule               10-12

            A. Disciples asked for more information

            B. Here is the rule:

                        1. Put away wife and marry another = adultery

                        2. Put away husband & marry another = adultery


            1. We get busy studying the exceptions.

            2. We need to understand the rule - FIRST!

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