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TITLE: Discouragement: Cause and Cure

TEXT: Nehemiah 4:11-23

PROPOSITION: We must be able to overcome the discouragements that come into our lives.


KEY WORD: Factors

READING: Neh. 4:10-12


          1. Woman sees 5 children in a huddle - gets closer - sees baby skunks - yells "Children, run!" - each child grabs a skunk and runs.

          2. Nehemiah tries everything - and fails - Shouts "Keep building." - each grabs a skunk and runs.

          3.  Let's look at the causes and the cures.

1. Causes of Discouragement              4:10-11

          A. Loss of strength

                    1. Decayed, fail, stumble, stagger

                    2. Newness and excitement had worn off

                    3. Hear negativism - some will rub off on you.

          B. Loss of vision

                    1. Rubbish = debris, dirt, stones, junk in the way

                    2. Job = demanding, hard, cranky people

                    3. Don't lose vision of your work

          C. Loss of confidence

                    1. Weary and disillusioned

                    2. "We are unable to rebuild the wall."

                    3. Lost heart, determination, will to work (4:6)

          D. Loss of security

                    1. We will be killed

                    2. Run away?  escape?  get away from it all?

2. Cure of discouragement                  4:13-23

          A. Unify efforts toward a goal   13

                    1. Work as a family

                    2. Family is source of encouragement

          B. Direct attention to the Lord   14

                    1. Remember the Lord.

                    2. He can do what we are not able to do.

          C. Maintain a balance in thought and action  15-17

                    1. Can't fight all the time

                    2. Can't refuse to fight, either

                    3. Keep both in balance

          D. Determine a rallying point    19-20

                    1. Place - sound of trumpet

                    2. Principle - Don't fight alone

          E. Start a "serving others" ministry  21-22

                    1. Help each other - support each other

                    2. Don't get undressed = always ready

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