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Dinner Party

Luke 14:1-24


1.     Background (1-6) – healing of man with dropsy

2.     To guests (7-11) – humble, take lower seat

3.     To host (12-14) – invite those who can’t repay

4.     Wise thought (15)

5.     Parable of great supper (16-24)

a.     Guests spurned the invitation

b.     This was a planned event – not come as you are party

c.     Excuses

d.     2nd trip – lanes and side streets

e.     3rd trip – highways and hedges (homeless under the bridge)

f.      Conclusion – invited will not eat; God wants a full house

6.     The “Comes” of Jesus

a.     Matthew 11:28

b.     Matthew 22:4

c.     Revelation 22:17

d.     Luke 14:17

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