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Hebrews 9:27

Romans 5:12



1.     This is a positive, uplifting, challenging sermon

2.     We have become paranoid about dying

3.     We fear many diseases.


Three Observations:

1.     We are all terminal.

a.     You are not going to get out alive.

b.     Accident, sudden illness, prolonged disease, old age

2.     Dying is not an act – it is a process.

a.     There is a moment of death.

b.     But dying begins at birth, growing up, aging

c.     Other than accident – we are not healthy one day – dead the next

3.     You don’t die because you decide it is time.

a.     Our body has its limitations – 80 to 100 years

b.     You don’t know how many years are left in you.

Four Suggestions:

1.     Don’t spend your time dying.

a.     Spend your time living.

b.     Bucket list

c.     Enjoy each day, sunrise, sunset

d.     Enjoy family, friends, church, friends

e.     Live with gratitude in your heart for each day

2.     Don’t be depressed.

a.     You can’t live in the past – regret – what used to be.

b.     Your body is wearing out – it started with birth

c.     There is something better waiting

3.     Don’t be concerned with what will kill you.

a.     It really does not matter how you die – accident, disease

b.    Pneumonia, heart trouble, cancer or stroke – not change your eternal life

4.     Be ready.

a.     Whenever, however, wherever death comes

b.     Death is not the enemy – it is the gateway to eternal life

c.     1 Corinthians 15:57-58

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