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TITLE: The Office of Deacon

TEXT: 1 Timothy 3:8-13

PROPOSITION: Deacons are not "elders in training."


KEY WORD: Duties



          1. More misunderstood office in the church.

          2. Separate from Elder, preacher, teacher

1. The Word - Deacon

          A. Minister - see to the needs

          B. "Diakonos" - Servant; "Doulos" - bond-slave

                    1. Not of elders, elder-errand-boys

                    2. Of the church, serve the church

          C. Servant = slave in relation to master

          D. Deacon = slave in relation to the work

2. The Office

          A. NOT:

                    1. Room with a desk, files, computer

                    2. Name on a door, letterhead, bulletin

          B. IS:

                    1. Office = authority, power, oversight

                    2. Office = recognized position

          C. Qualifications for this office

                    1. Similar to elders            EXCEPT

                    2. Status of children, apt to teach

          D. Must already be active in the work

                    1. vs. 10 "first be proved"

                    2. Not put in office, then see if he can work

          E. OFFICE = Doing the assigned work

                    1. Willingly             

                    2. Reliable

                    3. Without constant oversight from elders

                    4. Elders should not be distracted from their work

3. The Misunderstood Duties

          A. Only over the material, physical (Acts 6)

          B. Serve the Lord's Supper, Elders preside

          C. Oversee the collection and deposit of money

          D. Serve as deacon - move up to eldership

                    1. Separate functions - separate obligations

                    2. Some good deacons = lousy elders

                    3. Peter Principle

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