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TITLE: The Cremation of Nadab

TEXT: Leviticus 10:1-11

PROPOSITION: God's will is to be regarded as holy.


KEY WORD: Details

READING: Lev. 10:1-2


          1. Some sins are violations of commands.

          2. Today, look at a violation by addition.

          3. Details of the Sin, the Attitude, and the Correction

I. The Sin                         1

          1. Who sinned?

                    a. Nadab and Abihu, sons of Aaron

                    b. Priests of God

          2. What did they do that was wrong?

                    a. Took the wrong censer

                    b. Put wrong fire in it

                    c. Did what had not been commanded

II. The Attitude                 2-7

          1. Of God -

                    a. Fire from Heaven devoured them

                    b. God said, "I will be sanctified."

          2. Of men -

                    a. Take body outside camp

                    b. Do not mourn or weep

                    c. Do not change your schedule

                    d. Do not go to the cemetery

III. The Correction            8-11

          1. Do not drink wine or strong drink                  9

          2. Keep a clear line of difference:           10

                    a. Holy and unholy

                    b. Unclean and clean

          3. Teach your children this lesson                    11


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