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Cowardly, Careless, Courageous

Judges 7


Gideon started out with an army of 32,000

God said this is too big an army


1.     Cowardly – 2/3 of the army (22,000) left

a.     God commands us to go proclaim – preach the gospel

b.     1 talent man – was afraid

c.     Psalm 56:3

d.     2 Timothy 1:7 God has not given us a spirit of fear

e.     Don’t be poll conscious – see who is for it, who is against it

f.      Revelation 21:8 – Fearful at the top of the list

g.     Revelation 2:10 – faithful even it mean dying

h.     Teens – peer pressure – what will others think

2.     Careless – Judges 7:6

a.     Church attendance – miss when wife is sick, but go to work Monday

b.     Warning to wives – Either die on Sunday or get well

c.     Reading and study of the Bible

d.     Besetting sin in our lives

e.     Our family – spouse, children, parents

3.     Courageous – 300 left

a.     Clay pitchers and torches

b.     Noise and confusion

c.     Midianites defeat themselves

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