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TITLE: Count the Cost

TEXT: Luke 14:25-33

PROPOSITION: Christianity costs.




          1. Car, house, TV, anything - "What is the cost?"

          2. I do not have "cheap grace" to sell you.

          3. Christianity COSTS!

          4. Are you willing to pay the price?


I. You decide to follow at all costs (26)

          A. Woman baptized - husband kicks her out of house

          B. Student - converted, lost car, money, tuition

          C. Young boy - at church w/suitcase

          D. Matt. 10:34-27

II. Carry your cross                    (27)

          A. Not: on building, around neck, walk U.S.

          B. Is: crucifixion - don't baptize people until they are dead.

                    1. Many have been buried alive.  Rom. 6:3-4

                    2. Gal. 2:20 "I am crucified" = pres. act.

                              "I continue to be crucified"

                    3. I Cor. 15:31 "I die daily"

          C. Many need a lethal dose of religion

                    Some have just enough religion to be miserable.

III. Count the cost                      (28-32)

          A. Build a tower - get some estimates

          B. Enter a war - know the size of the enemy

          C. What will you have to change?

                    1. Sins to stop, friends to drop, places to quit

                    2. Habits to break, Words to eliminate

IV. Forsake all                            (33)

          A. What did you give up to become a Christian?

          B. We must "Surrender All" to the purposes of Jesus

                    Car, house, clothes, TV, shoes, furniture

                    Family, talents, savings, checking, boat

          C. Letter from a communist to girlfriend


          We need a lethal dose of religion

          Explain digestion -

                    1. Eat a cow - it becomes me

                    2. If steak refuses - it comes up


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