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Count your Blessings


1.     Yesterday there were earthquakes, floods, murders, rapes, other disasters.

2.     But – the earth didn’t jerk!

3.     I repainted a room

a.     Don’t look over the window, in that corner

b.     Criticize 22 sq. inches – What about 60,000 sq. inches well done?


Count your BLESSINGS:

1.     We don’t notice when things are right

a.     Earth is on its axis

b.     Seasons still come in right order

c.     Sun still rises in east

d.     My GPS still works

e.     Add your own items – Things working well

2.     2 Corinthians 8:12

a.     Look at what we HAVE

b.     Not what we don’t have

3.     Man robbed – counted it a blessing

a.     Did not destroy the house

b.     Me – not my neighbor

c.     TV and money – not my life

d.     I was not the robber

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