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TITLE: Great Commission

TEXT: Matt. 28:16-20; Mark 16:14-16

PROPOSITION: Jesus expects us to obey this command.


KEY WORD: Meanings

READING: Matthew 28:16-20

I. Matthew 28:16-20

          A. Authority

                    1. Matt. 7:29 "as one having authority"

                    2. God made him Lord  Acts 2:36

          B. Make disciples = "become learners"

                    1. Teaching - instructing them

                    2. Baptizing - assist them to obey

          C. Present active verb "as you are going"

II. Mark 16:14-16

          A. Every creature = all nations, all people

          B. Our Part

                    1. Preach

                    2. Gospel

          C. Their Part

                    1. Believe

                    2. Be baptized


          1. Not obeyed in baptism = lost

          2. Not obey in teaching = lost

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