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Church Growth Is - - -

1 Peter 1:5-11


1.     Evangelism

a.     Our Jerusalem and Judea

2.     Obey the great commission Matthew 28:18-20

3.     Research

a.     World methods of getting the message out

b.     Coke has gone more places than Christ

c.     Denominational methods that are OK

d.     Brotherhood ideas share what works

4.     Scientific

a.     Why churches grow Flavil Yeakley

b.     Bible says Grow Davenport

5.     Seeing Vision

a.     See the possibilities for growth

b.     Men now studying Chinese for the day it opens up


Conclusion Yeakely says we are baptizing 1 per year per 80 members.

It takes 80 members 1 year to make 1 convert.

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