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TITLE: The Church as a Family

TEXT: Ephesians 5:25-27

PROPOSITION: God expects his church to demonstrate a family relationship toward each other.


KEY WORD: Requirements

READING: Proverbs 31:27-31


          1. Jesus loved the church

          2. Wants the church to radiate - to glow!

          3. How can we be that glowing, radiant church?

                    a. By being family

                    b. Take the letters in "FAMILY" for points.

I. F is for Fellowship

          A. Acts 2:42

          B. Fellowship= partner, having a part in

          C. You should feel a part, a sense of belonging

II. A is for Attitude

          A. World is full of doubters, grouches, cranks, etc.

          B. Attitude determines altitude

                    1. "Great day"  "Calm before storm."

                    2. "You look fine."  "So far."

                    3. "Freshly sheared sheep."  "On this side."

          C. Phil. 2:5 Mind of Christ

          D. Have a good attitude toward others in the family.

III. M is for Message

          A. Every family has a mission, purpose.

          B. Mission of the church = a Message of Salvation

          C. Message is GOOD NEWS.

IV. I is for Inspire and Involve

          A. Hebrews 10:24 "Consider one another"

                    1. Provoke and stimulate each other

                    2. Encourage each other

          B. We need to hug, greet, pat on the back

V. L is for Love

          A. John 13:34

          B. Learn to say, "I love you."

          C. Love one another = how to convert the world.

VI. Y is for Yearning

          A. Do you have the desire?

          B. Romans 10:1 "My hearts desire "

          C. What is your goal for this family in the 1990's?


          A. Be glad that you are a part of a family.

          B. Work to make the family stronger.

          C. "We are Family!"

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