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          1. 2 Thessalonians 3:6  "Now we command you, brethren,..."

          2. Is there a good reason for not obeying this command?

          3. Are we ready to practice what we preach?

          4. "Discipline" = to teach, instruct, correct

          5. Needed in schools, homes, society, church

I. Six passages deal with the subject.

          A. 1 Corinthians 5:9-13

                    1. Six acts are listed:  [1] Fornication,       [2] Covetousness,  [3] Idolatry,                                                [4] Railing,       [5] Drunkenness, [6] Extortion.

                    2. Four strong terms are used:

                              [1] Deliver such an one to Satan

                              [2] Purge out the old leaven

                              [3] Have no company with fornicators

                              [4] Put away the wick from among yourselves

          B. 2 Thessalonians 3:6-15

                    1. A command.

                    2. Can not be ignored.

          C. 1 Timothy 6:3-5

                    1. Those who bring new doctrine

                    2. Who consent not to wholesome words of Jesus

          D. 2 John 9-11

                    1. Those who go beyond the teachings of Christ

                    2. Don't bid him Godspeed

          E. Matthew 18:15-17

                    1. Deals with the approach or method

                    2. See also Matt. 5:23-24

          F. 2 Corinthians 2:6-8

                    1. Forgive him.

                    2. Comfort him.

                    3. Confirm your love toward him.

                    4. Receive him back into full fellowship.

                    5. Put him to work in the kingdom.

II. What is the purpose of church discipline?

          A. NOT:

                    1. To excommunicate. (Kick out)

                    2. To show contempt, dislike, or hatered

          B. IS:

                    1. To save the church.

                    2. To save others from falling into sin.

                    3. To save the one sinning.  James 5:19-20

                    4. To keep the church pure.  Eph. 5:27

III. Who is to be disciplined?

                    Those who are guilty of:

          A. Personal sin - publicly known.

          B. Immoral conduct.

          C. Division, sowing discord.

          D. Teach error in doctrine.

          E. Walk disorderly.

                    1. Lying

                    2. Profane speech

                    3. Heritics

                    4. Busybodies

                    5. Covetousness

                    6. Forsaking the assembly

IV. Some objections raised.

          A. It won't work.

          B. They might find something wrong with me.

          C. It will divide the church.

          NOTE: Any objection against discipline can also be used against baptism.

V. Some questions answered.

          A. Shouldn't we be careful?

                    1. We must not be "trigger happy".

                    2. Work long and hard with the offender.

                    3. Many people, elders, minister, involved.

                    4. This is a congregational activity.

          B. What attitude should be taken?

                    1. Gal. 6:1  Meek, Gentle, Considerate

                    2. Avoid "holier-than-thou" attitude

          C. What attitude should be taken after discipline?

                    1. All should avoid him in social settings.

                    2. Continue to admonish him to return.

          D. After disfellowshipping, what if he still comes?

                    1. Nothing - it is his right to assemble.

                    2. Continue to encourage him to repent.

          E. What if he still takes part in church services?

                    1. Church was not taught, informed, involved.

                    2. Done in haste.

          F. What if he repents?

                    1. Forgive him.

                    2. Comfort him.

                    3. Confirm your love for him.

                    4. Accept him into the fellowship.

          G. What if he "quits", resigns from membership?

                    1. Accept his resignation with regrets.

                    2. Stop further action.

                              a. The case in Oklahoma.

                              b. The church is a vol. organization.

                              c. Removal no longer necessary.

          H. Is this a loving thing to do?

                    1. Yes.  Tough love.

                    2. Question:  Is it loving to see a brother headed for hell and we do nothing to warn him?

          I. What if we do not take any action?

                    1. Offender will continue in sin.

                    2. Others will be encouraged to sin.

                    3. Church will be corrupt and impure.

                    4. World will see the weakness of the church.

                    5. God's law will be violated.

VI. Other questions.

          A. Can a church withdraw from one who has withdrawn from the church?

                    1. No.

                    2. There is no punishment available.

          B. Can a church withdraw from another church?

                    1. No.

                    2. Congregational autonomy.

                    3. Do not punish a family if the man drinks.

          C. Are there degrees of discipline?

                    1. Yes.

                    2. Disfellowship = capital punishment

                    3. Doctor - remove disease, no unnecessary harm

                    4. Admonition

                    5. Patient study

                    6. Rebuke

                    7. Warn

                    8. Suspension

                    9. Removal

          D. What action should be taken in the area?

                    1. Notification of the action taken.

                    2. Invite inquiries if they attempt to relocate.

                    3. How wide-spread?

VII. The bottom line -- Why aren't we doing it?

          A. Many have never seen it done, don't know how.

          B. Too much sin in the church.  Where would we start?

          C. Afraid of results.  "Gunshy"

          D. Avoid involvement in personal affairs.

 into full fellowship.

                    5. Put him to work in the kingdom.

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