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1.     Sound in Doctrine

a.     Titus 1:9

b.     1 Timothy 1:10

c.     Joshua 1:7-8

d.     1 Timothy 6:3-4

e.     Doctrine includes

                                                    i.     Worship

                                                   ii.     Plan of salvation

                                                 iii.     Organization

                                                 iv.     Doctrines – true vs. false

2.     Clean in Life

a.     Practice must agree with doctrine

b.     Talk the talk; Walk the walk

c.     1 hypocrite does more harm

d.     Speech, jokes, language

e.     Words, body care, play

f.      Morals, business deals

3.     Friendly in Spirit

a.     Visitors – Hebrews 13:2

b.     Matthew 25:25

c.     “Many are cold, and a few frozen.”

d.     One another at the building

                                                    i.     Romans 12:10

                                                   ii.     Galatians 5:15

                                                 iii.     Come early or stick around

e.     In our homes / out in public

                                                    i.     Greet – be friendly

                                                   ii.     Caring – ask about sick

f.      New members – new in congregation

4.     Aggressive in Action

a.     1 Corinthians 15:58

b.     Think BIG – Act BOLD

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