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Mark 5:1-17


Deuteronomy 14:8

Isaiah 65:4


Have we traded Christ for Swine?

1.     Matthew 6:24

2.     1 John 2:15

3.     Spend 15 times more on liquor and gambling than religion

4.     More on dog food or chewing gum

5.     26,000 more bartenders than preachers

6.     678,489 more taverns than church buildings

7.     Standard of living up Standard of life down

8.     Many cities more babies born out of wedlock than in

9.     Personal income multiplied giving did not keep up

What about Christians?

1.     Business meetings argue and disagree

2.     Churches split orphan homes, one cup, preacher, classes

3.     Philippians 3:19 mind earthly things


1.     They valued the swine more than Christ

2.     Sent Him from their coast

3.     Today?

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