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Acts 8:35-38

Familiar example of conversion in Acts 8

Think about this question – When can one be saved?

1.     Anyplace

a.     Lydia – river bank

b.     Samaria -  public preaching

c.     Ethiopian – in a desert place

d.     Philippi – in jail

e.     Cornelius – in his house

f.      Pentecost – open square near the temple

g.     Hospital, Jail, Church building, car, airplane

h.     Here in USA, Russia, any other nation

2.     Any time

a.     Midnight

b.     Day

c.     Same hour

3.     But not in your seat

a.     Believe on Jesus – in your seat

b.     Repent – in your seat

c.     Confess – in you seat

d.     Obey in baptism – out of your seat – Hebrews 5:8-9

e.     The Chariot Stopped

4.     Invitation is open

a.     Song is an encouragement to respond

b.     Song ends – not the end of the opportunity

                                                    i.     Any time

                                                   ii.     Any place

                                                 iii.     2 am in the morning – can’t sleep – think

                                                 iv.     The chariot needs to stop

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