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TITLE: Buried Alive?

TEXT: Romans 6:1-10

PROPOSITION: The flaw of many people is that they have been buried in baptism without dying to sin.





          1. Why are many in the church weak, not comitted, not interested, not working, not alive in their faith?

          2. Many think that Romans 6 is about baptism.

          3. It is about dying.  Not physical - but spiritual.

          4. Study the role of death in our salvation.


1. We must die to sin                 2

          A. We are dead Colossians 3:3

          B. Put off old man   Colossians 3:5-8

2. Therefore, buried                   4

          A. We bury because the body has died

          B. Same -- spiritually

3. Old man is crucified               6

          A. Crucified = death

          B. Sin has been destroyed

          C. Don't serve sin any more

4. Death frees from:                   7

          A. Obligations and debts

          B. Relationships

          C. SIN in not our master

5. Die w/Christ = live w/him        8

6. Death has no control             9

          A. Fear is major motivator for us

          B. Fear of death = caution

          C. Fear = negative motivator - hinders us

7. Sin does not reign                 12

          A. Do not allow sin to regain control

          B. Sin is not in charge anymore


          1. Plan of salvation Hear, Believe, Repent, Confess, Die and be Baptized

          2. Only baptism if after a death to sin.

          3. Then comes a resurrection to new life.

          4. Have you died to sin?  Still alive in sin?

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