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Ephesians 2:1-3


1.     We are creatures of habit

a.     Eat, brush teeth, wash hands

b.     Dress – which shoe we put on first

c.     Travel to work – same route

d.     There are good habits

e.     There are bad habits

2.     How Habits Form

a.     Thayer – by nature, over long time becomes natural

b.     We say, 2nd nature

c.     Computer – memory is in bits and bytes

d.     Our brain = 100 billion bytes

e.     Routine tasks – tie shoes, ride bicycle, walk

f.      Reinforce habits

                                                    i.     Quicker, works for us, familiar

                                                   ii.     Do it different – really feels strange

3.     How to Change

a.     Admit – bad habit

b.     Why are we doing this?

c.     Believe – there is a way to break it

d.     Know – It will be worth the trouble

e.     Stop now – not gradually

                                                    i.     HABIT – drop H – still A BIT

                                                   ii.     Drop A – still BIT

                                                 iii.     Drop B – still got IT

f.      When we conquer we can help others win the battle

4.     Don’t forget God’s help – Philippians 4:13

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