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TITLE: Follow the Blueprints

TEXT: 1 Timothy 1:16; Titus 2:7-8

PROPOSITION: God has given us a pattern to follow.


KEY WORD: Passages



            1. In building a house - first step is draw a pattern.

            2. Don't start laying foundation until you know the size, shape and height of the house.

            3. Jesus is our pattern, blueprint.

            4. Two texts provide the matters to study today.

I. 1 Timothy 1:16

            A. Longsuffering - patience

            B. To those who will believe in the future

                        1. John 13:35 love needed for the world to believe

                        2. SO IS PATIENCE!

            C. Patience is:             James 5:7-11

                        1. A farmer waiting for the rain            7

                        2. A prophet suffering                          10

                        3. Job enduring                                               11

II. Titus 2:7

            A. Good works

                        1. The church - missions, evang., radio, TV

                        2. Individual - visit, pray, take a pie

                        3. Non-spiritual - Heart, Cancer, Scouts

            B. Doctrine

                        1. Always one generation from apostasy.

                        2. Must not change the doctrine.

                        3. Must have "integrity" (NKJV) "uncorruptness"

            C. Gravity - reverence (NKJV)

                        1. Vine - "dignity, serious, honourable"

                        2. We need to get serious about our lives.

                        3. God, Chirst, the cross, the L.S., Bible

                        4. How we treat each other  Philippians 2:3

            E. Sincerity - incorruptability (NKJV)

                        1. Free from moral taint, not stained by sin

III. Titus 2:8

            A. Sound speech

                        1. Whole, healthy, sound in health

                        2. Some speech is "all sound"

            B. Nothing evil to say of you

                        1. Elder qualification - "blameless"

                        2. What if we took a survey of:

                                    a. where you work

                                    b. your family, friends, neighbors

                                    c. of this church

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