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TITLE: Birth of Christ

TEXT: Luke 2:1-7

PROPOSITION: The birth of Christ is an important event that should not be overlooked.





          1. We are inconsistent.  We deny that his birth is to be celebrated as a special holy day.

                    A. Seldom preach on birth of Christ, except December

                    B. All literature teaches it in December.

                    C. Practice what we condemn                Romans 2:1

          2. We avoid singing songs about His birth.  Why?

          3. Next to the death of Christ, more is recorded about His birth than any other event.

          4. The birth of Jesus was:

I. An Occasion of Joy

          A. Angels rejoiced

          B. Shepherds rejoiced

          C. World should rejoice

          D. Think about your study of birth of Jesus:

                    Discuss- trees, man in red suit, cards, parties

                    Fuss about- songs, not to observe

II. A Fulfillment of Prophecy

          A. Isaiah 9:6-7        A son is born

          B. Isaiah 7:14          Virgin birth

          C. Micah 5:2 Bethlehem of Judah

          D. Hosea 11:1         Out of Egypt

          E. Jeremiah 31:15   Much weeping, death

III. A Supernatural Event

          A. God in the flesh            John 1:1-3, 14

          B. Virgin birth                    Isaiah 7:14; Matthew 1:23

IV. A "God-With-Us" Baby

          A. Philippians 2:6-7  "emptied himself"

          B. Was Jesus ever "UNABLE"?  YES!

                    1. Not "Clark Kent in-the-flesh"

                    2. Not E.T. -visit planet, lived and died here

          C. Jesus:

                    1. Had to "learn" to walk, talk, read, write

                    2. Learned to obey            Hebrews 5:8-9

                    3. Sweat, cried, hungry, thirsty, bathed, brushed teeth, combed his hair, got a haircut, slept, dreamed


          1. Study, teach, worship His birth - ALL THE TIME.

          2. Understand His humanity to appreciate His divinity.

          3. Hebrews 4:15  "tempted in all points like we are"

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