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Ephesians 4:26-27


1.     Anger is God-given

a.     Commanded to be angry

b.     No anger = not human

2.     Anger is not sinful

a.     Anger of the Lord – 18 times in OT

b.     Jesus got angry – Mark 3:5

3.     Anger must have safeguards

a.     Don’t let it linger

b.     Don’t give the devil opportunity

4.     When anger is right

a.     When God’s Word is disobeyed

                                                    i.     Exodus 32 – Golden Calf

                                                   ii.     1 Kings 11 – Solomon

b.     Enemies take away what God has given

                                                    i.     Isaiah 5:20-25 (esp. 23)

                                                   ii.     1 Samuel 11:6

c.     Unfair parents – Ephesians 6:4




Jonah 4:1-4


1.     From a wrong motive

a.     Elder brother – Luke 15:25-32

b.     Jealous motive

c.     Pride – Daniel 3:12-13

2.     Don’t get your way

a.     Jonah

b.     Long line, window closes, credit card won’t work

3.     React too quickly

a.     Ecc. 7:8-9

b.     James 1:19

c.     Learn the facts FIRST

d.     Proverbs 16:23

4.     Win over Anger

a.     Ignore the petty stuff

                                                    i.     Proverbs 19:11

                                                   ii.     Proverbs 17:14

b.     Don’t hang around angry people

                                                    i.     It rubs off

                                                   ii.     Proverbs 22:24-25

c.     Bridle the tongue

                                                    i.     Proverbs 15:1

                                                   ii.     Proverbs 21:23

d.     Don’t let anger build

                                                    i.     Proverbs 27:4-6

                                                   ii.     Ephesians 4:25

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