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TITLE: A Bag With Holes

TEXT: Haggai 1:3-6

PROPOSITION: Many people are wasting their efforts in life.


KEY WORD: Propositions



1. Under Zerubbabel, 50,000 started to rebuild the temple.

2. 16 years later, still just foundations.

3. Had turned to personal concerns. Built houses.

4. Sins:

          A. Easy Discouragement

          B. Procrastination vs.2

          C. Neglect of the Divine vs. 9

5. Examine these five propositions.  "OUR LIFE IS A BAG WITH HOLES IF WE TRY TO LIVE - -"

1. Out of Christ

          A. Eph. 1:3 blessings; 7 redemption; 11 inheritances

          B. Rom. 5:1 peace; 5:1 no condemnation

          C. If these blessings are in Christ: What does one have outside of Christ?

2. By the Authority of Men

          A. In matters of religion

                    1. Human Creeds are the authority of men.

                    2. Denominations are the authority of men.

          B. In matters of moral values

                    1. TV, movies, etc.    Commercials sell lifestyle

                    2. Abortion, social drinking, etc.

3. By Higher Education Without God

          A. Learn how to make a living.

          B. Must also learn how to live!

4. Without Putting the Kingdom First

          A. Matthew 6:33

                    1. Attendance

                    2. Contribution

          B. Don't let other things interfere.

5. Without Laying Up Treasure in Heaven

          A. I Tim. 6:7 brought nothing in - take nothing out

          B. Matt. 6:19-21 lay us treasure in heaven

          C. Luke 12:33 purses that don't get old (worn out)

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