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TITLE: The Big Bad Wolf

TEXT: Ephesians 5:21-33

PROPOSITION: The relationship of the church to Christ should be similar to that in a marriage.




            1. "He huffed...and he puffed...and he blew the house down."

            2. "Is it only a children's story? Sadly, too many households today are falling victim to money problems, infidelity, unemployment, abuse, loneliness, work-related stress, divorce, and other seemingly unstoppable forces."

            3. Examine this passage - two views.

1. The Big Bad Wolf and the Family.

            A. Submission 21-24

1. Mutual submission to Christ and each other

                        2. Husband is head.  Not: ruler, dictator, master

            B. Love, honor and cherish 25-29

                        1. Love -

                                    a. "Agape" = seek what is best for another

                                    b. Not:  "So I can get", OR "Because of"

                                    c. But: "In spite of"

                        2. Honor -

                                    a. No spots, wrinkles, blemishes

                                    b. Holy, glorious, nourished

                        3. Cherish -

                                    a. Hold on to, value, treasure

                                    b. Got a good thing?  Hang on to it.

            C. Unity 30-31

                        1. Joined together, glued, bonded, stuck

                        2. Become one

2. The Big Bad Wolf and the Church.

            A. Submission

                        1. To elders and deacons

                        2. To the Bible

                        3. To the teaching and preaching

            B. Love, honor and cherish

                        1. Do you love the church?

                        its members?              its leaders?                  its preacher?

                        its teachers?                the lost?                      the programs of work?

                        2. Do you have honor for: (see the above questions)

                        3. How much is the church worth to you?

                                    a. Would you defend it?

                                    b. Would you die for it?

                                    c. Would you protect it?

            C. Unity

                        1. God demands it.  Jesus prayed for it.


Conclusion:  This text is about the church.  Are you ready for the marriage ceremony to begin?


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