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TITLE: Perpetual Backsliding

TEXT: Jeremiah 8:4-13

PROPOSITION: We must avoid the reasons for backsliding.


KEY WORD: Reasons


          1. Israel had a similar problem as we do today.

          2. Perpetual backsliding.

          3. What are the reasons for such backsliding?

1. No self-examination     6

          A. L. S.   1 Corinthians 11:28 "let a man examine himself"

          B. 2 Corinthians 13:5 "examine yourselves - if in faith"

          C. James 1:25 "look into law of liberty"

          D. Responsible boy - Anything happens, I'm responsible.

                    1. Think - "Is it I?"  FIRST!

                    2. "What have I done?"

2. Willful ignorance          7

          A. Hear sermons, sit through classes - still ignorant

          B. Jeremiah 6:16 "old paths, good way - walk therein"

          C. Many "Christians" are not "disciples - learners"

                    1. Ignorant - w/out opportunity = one thing

                    2. Willful ignorance = something else

          D. Preach on "Evangelism" and notice how many say,

                    1. "I don't know enough."

                    2. AND PROUD OF IT!

3. Covetousness    10

          A. We are attached to "things"

                    1. Things sparkle, glitter, shine, gleam

                    2. Sacrifice, dedication = not as glittery

          B. Luke 12:15 "not in abundance of things possessed"

          C. Disfellowship the covetous 1 Corinthians 5:11

4. False teachers             11

          A. Isaiah 5:20-24 "call good evil, evil good"

          B. Is anybody listening?  Is the message getting thru?

                    1. V. E. Howard - "Are you listening?"

                    2. Hard part of radio work - Who is listening?

          C. Examples and written word > power - sermons, classes

5. No shame for sin                   12

          A. What embarasses you?  Can you blush?

          B. They could sin and not be ashamed of it!

                    1. Homosexuality     2. Teen pregnancy

                    3. Divorce               4. Division in church

Conclusion: 13

          1. Consume them

          2. Remove blessing from them


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