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TITLE: Paul at Athens

TEXT: Acts 17:17-34

PROPOSITION: We should follow the example of Paul in Athens.


KEY WORD: Observations

READING: Acts 17:22-23


I. What Paul SAW at Athens

          A. Idolatry

          B. Learn from this:

                    1. They need to learn about God

                    2. Intellectual scholarship does not help

                    3. Skill in arts is no help

II. What Paul FELT at Athens

          A. Holy compassion = to sense their plight

          B. Holy sorrow = feeling of sadness

          C. Holy indignation = anger

          D. Holy zeal = conviction to make some changes

III. What Paul DID at Athens

          A. NOT: back away from the challenge

          B. DID:

                    1. Reasoned with them

                    2. Took them from where they were

          C. Learn from this:

                    1. Teach Jesus Christ everyplace we go

                    2. Always to stand up for Jesus Christ

                    3. Boldly teach that God is alive and active

                    4. Confidence that preaching Christ will do good

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