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1.     Atheist = believe that God does not exist

2.     Speculative atheism = agnostic, not enough evidence, not sure

3.     Practical atheism = claim belief but actions deny


Here are some practical atheists

1.     Members who have forgotten God

a.     Jeremiah 2:32

b.     Deuteronomy 6:12

2.     Members who don’t worship

a.     Who don’t attend

b.     Who attend but don’t participate

c.     Acts 2:42

d.     Who is a “faithful” Christian?

3.     Members who plan without God

a.     James 4:13

4.     Members who use vile language

a.     Take God’s name in vain – OMG

b.     Use language – filthy, gutter

c.     James 3:9-12

5.     Members who are not separate from the world

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