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Prayer – Asking and Receiving



1.     Women can widow shop all day – not buy anything

2.     Men can fish all day – bring home no fish

3.     Many say prayers – but don’t pray.



1.     God is a prayer hearing God – Psalm 65:2

a.     It is God’s nature

b.     Impossible to come to God without believing Hebrews 11:6

c.     Every attribute of God is implied in Him hearing and answering our prayers

                                                    i.     Living

                                                   ii.     All-knowing

                                                 iii.     All powerful

                                                 iv.     Wisdom

                                                  v.     Able to do above what we ask or think

                                                 vi.     Love and mercy, compassion

d.     Nature points to a prayer answering God Psalm 65:9-13

2.     Why pray?

a.     Commanded 1 Thessalonians 5:17

b.     The way to get things James 4:2; Matthew 7:7

c.     To have joy John 16:24

d.     Cure for worry Philippians 4:6-7

e.     Prayer answers doubts – Elijah on Mt. Carmel

3.     Prayer is asking

a.     Not praise, adoration, humility

b.     Bible prayers were asking

c.     Hypocrisy in prayers that do not ask for anything – TEST – What was answered?

4.     The answer is receiving

a.     Bible answers = receiving

b.     Abuse of “if it be Thy will”

                                                    i.     Expresses doubt

                                                   ii.     Used about things that ARE God’s will

                                                 iii.     Used about things that ARE wrong

c.     How to pray for a “Yes”

                                                    i.     Full surrender

                                                   ii.     Understanding of God’s word

                                                 iii.     Watch for the opening

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