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Are we Obese?

Deuteronomy 32:15-20


With all that God provided to Israel – they still fell away.

In Moses farewell address he gives some reasons.

1.     Forsook God who made them

a.     Law and Commandments

b.     Isaiah 34:16 – Seek out the book of the Lord and read

c.     Moral values

d.     Romans 1:25 – worship the creature, not Creator

2.     Scornfully esteemed the Rock of their Salvation

a.     They never saw themselves as LOST

b.     No major thing – No big deal

c.     Never appreciated all that God did for them

d.     “Is it a light thing?” “Is it a small matter?”

3.     Provoked Him to jealousy

a.     Went after other gods

b.     Like them better than Jehovah

c.     Joshua 24:19-20

4.     Perverse generation

a.     KJV – forward = perverse, corrupt

b.     Philippians 2:15 crooked and perverse generation

c.     Luke 9:41 faithless and perverse generation

5.     Children in whom is no faith

a.     Many children have an “inherited” faith

b.     It is a 2nd hand faith – Hand-me-down faith

c.     Parents are weak – children are weaker

d.     Church is one generation from apostasy


1.     Are we fat, obese?

2.     Do these things describe us today?

3.     Learn from the mistakes of Israel.

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