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TITLE: Does Anybody Care?

TEXT: Psalm 142:1-5(esp. 4)

PROPOSITION: In times of hardship it seems that no one cares about our problems.


KEY WORD: Elements



            1. Many are anxious, worried, concerned.

                        A. About the world, war and peace.

                        B. About their family, friends, associates.

            2. We can't remove your concern and anxiety.

            3. We wanted you to know that we care.

            4. Many are lonely, separated, feel deserted.

            5. Our prayers are for this country, troops, AND their families from whom they are separated.

1. The Description of It

            A. David cried to the Lord. (1)

            B. He poured out his heart to God. (2)

            C. David is on the run, lives in caves, hiding

                        Separated from family, low on food, sought by tyrant, alone in the world

            D. Felt like he was all alone in the world (4)

2. The Universality of It

            A. Paul felt this way 2 Tim. 4:16

            B. Israel felt this way Jer. 30:17

            C. Elisha thought like this 1 Kings 19:10

            D. This is how David felt.

3. The Solution for It.

            A. Prayer "cry unto the Lord"   (5)

            B. Praise "I may praise Thee" (7a)

            C. Patience "shall (at some time) deal"           (7b)

            D. Expressing that care

                        1. Those who are hurting - SAY SO! TELL SOMEONE!

                        2. Those who care - SAY SO! TELL THE HURTING!

            E. Assurance that:

                        1. God Cares               I Peter 5:7

                        2. Jesus Cares                        Mark 4:38

                        3. Church Cares                      Phil. 4:10

                        4. Christians Care                   2 Cor. 8:16

                        5. This church cares

                                    Benevolence, Bears, Visitation, Grief

                                    This service is our attempt to express this

                        6. I care-My card, my background - Hospital, Fire


            A. DON'T STOP AT VERSE 4.

                        1. God is our refuge (5)

                        2. God will deliver us (6)

                        3. God will deal bountifully with us (7)

            B. Jesus cares about your spiritual state - Salvation

                        1. Baptism for those who are ready.

                        2. Prayer for a particular need.

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