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Angels and Jesus



1.    4 Gospels and angels

a.    Matthew Joseph, Temptations, roll away stone

b.    Mark temptations

c.    Luke Zacharias, Mary, Shepherds, Gethsemane, women at tomb

d.    John 2 angels at tomb

2.    They believed in angels

3.    They wrote to those who believed in angels


Teaching of Christ

1.    Nature of angels

a.    Not marry Matthew 22:30

b.    Not die Luke 20:36; Hebrews 2:16

c.    Not all knowing Matthew 24:36; Mark 13:32

2.    Character of angels

a.    Mark 8:38; Luke 9:26 holy angels

b.    Luke 10:18 Satan fell, they can sin

c.    2 Peter 2:4 angels sinned

3.    Ministry

a.    John 1:51 ascending & descending

b.    Matthew 18:10 their angels Hebrews 1:14

c.    Luke 15 joy in conversion

d.    Luke 16 escort souls to heaven

e.    Matthew 16:27 involved in 2nd coming and judgment

f.     Matthew 13:41 Tares uprooted and burned

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