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TITLE: 7 Steps to Apostasy

TEXT: Rom. 1:21-25

PROPOSITION:  The road to apostasy is clearly described in seven steps.





          1. Apostasy = Desertion, departure, "standing away"

          2. Apostasy is possible.

                    A. 1 book in NT = Become a Christian

                    B. 22 books = How to remain faithful

          3. Danger: We think PROBABLE.

                    A. There is danger - Real danger

                    B. Can be avoided - Can know how close you are

I. They KNEW God = Christians

          1. All "know" God exists - even atheists

          2. With out excuse - 1:20

          3. Psalms 19:1

II. Seven Steps Away From God.

                    Term in Romans 1                               What We Need

          1. Glorified Not                                                Worship, Honor

          2. Were not Thankful                                       Gratitude

          3. Thinking became futile                                 Think like God

          4. Foolish hearts were darkened                      Open mind, eyes

          5. Thought - Wise; Really - Fools                     Humility 

          6. Changed the Glory of God                           Right worship

          7. Changed truth to a lie                                  Right doctrine

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