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1.     “Can’t” and “I tried” = lame excuses

2.     Honesty says “I won’t”

3.     Philippians 4:13

4.     1 Corinthians 10:13

5.     Power is in Christ

a.     Know facts about

b.     Personal relationship with


1.     Commit life to glorifying Jesus – Romans 1:21

a.     Colossians 3:17

2.     Have a quite time

a.     ACTSS of prayer

b.     Colossians 3:16

c.     Isaiah 55:16

d.     1 John 2:13

e.     Watch what you are thinking – Philippians 4:8

3.     Get rid of grudges – daily

a.     Ephesians 4:26

b.     Many have a chip on their shoulder; an ax to grind

4.     Have family time

a.     Quality time with family

                                                    i.     Spiritual – devotionals

                                                   ii.     Games – read stories

b.     Quantity of time is also needed

5.     Fellowship with other Christians – Proverbs 13:20

6.     Have a daily routine

a.     In life

b.     On your job

c.     In relation to God

7.     Do something nice this week

a.     Physical – help someone with a chore

b.     Emotional – listen, support, encourage

c.     Spiritual – pray, study

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