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4 Houses Not for Sale



1.     20% move each year

2.     We are a “cut flower” civilization

3.     We are losing some of our identity, roots are very shallow


1.     Court House

a.     Stands for law and order

b.     Galatians 6:7

c.      Play by the rules

d.     Many think they can break the rules and still win the game

e.     Riots, looting, rebellion to the law

f.       Matthew 22:21

g.     Romans 13:1-3

h.     1 Timothy 2:1-3

2.     School House

a.     Humanism / secularism is taking over

b.     Sex education without morals

c.      Filthy language by teachers, coaches

d.     Drugs

3.     Home House

a.     Who is raising your child – day care workers

b.     Abortion

c.      Divorce

d.     Shack up without marriage

4.     Church House

a.     All 4 are symbols

b.     Value is not in the building – but what they represent

c.      Change the teaching and practice

d.     Fail to follow the Bible

e.     Many are Biblically illiterate

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