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3 Kinds of Worshipers



1.     Mold = form, cold, indifferent, ritual

2.     Berry eaters = starving for food, getting no nutritional value

3.     Pump primers = satisfied and leave something for others


Let’s discuss each of these

1.     Mold – they all fit the same pattern

a.     Resist any change – tradition bound

b.     Mark 7

c.     Worship is cold, stiff, formal, ritual

d.     Can’t remember anything done or said

e.     Going through the motions

f.      Isaiah 1 – vain offerings

2.     Berry eaters

a.     Starving men in woods – find berries – no nutritional values

b.     Stomach is full – but die of malnutrition

c.     Some today take LS and are dying – 1 Corinthians 11

d.     Sing – not inspired

e.     Pray – hollow repetition

f.      Sermon – long commercial

g.     Giving – drudgery, nuisance

3.     Pump primers

a.     Story of pump in desert – drink or prime the pump?

b.     Give – then – drink – then leave something for others

c.     Pour out your soul in praise, drink deeply

d.     Fill the jug for others to enjoy what you enjoyed

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