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Matthew 6:5-15


1.      Too Far Away from God

a.      Some think they must shout

b.      “Come into our presence”

c.      God is not far away

2.      Vain Repetitions

a.      We often say the same things over and over – Does God forget?

b.      Many fancy, empty phrases

                                                    i.     Lead us safely to our humble places of abode.

                                                   ii.     We say what we have heard others say.

3.      Who is the Lord and who is the slave?

a.      Who gives the orders – who must obey the orders?

b.      Many treat prayer as if they were the Lord issuing the orders.

c.      We often pray:

                                                    i.     To inform God of statements in the Bible

                                                   ii.     To instruct God what He should do

                                                  iii.     Tell God what we want, when we want it, and how it should be delivered

d.      We ought to pray to:

                                                    i.     Seek God’s will in the matter

                                                   ii.     Find what God wants done and ask for strength and courage to do it

                                                  iii.     Be used  for the will of God

e.      Some simple illustrations:

                                                    i.     Friend who is lost – teach him

                                                   ii.     Neighbor out of work – find him a job

                                                  iii.     One is depressed, grieving – comfort, encourage

                                                  iv.     Missionary – write, support, find ways to help

                                                   v.     Sick – wash dishes, do laundry, take them a meal

f.       We are the body of Christ – hands, feet, arms, legs, eyes, money, mouth, ears

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