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Illustration Lawyer 21 reasons my client is not in court today. First, he died last night. The other 20 reasons don't make any difference.

Point there are many reasons instrumental music is wrong. Here is the primary reason.

We Sin in any of 5 Ways

  1. Do what is forbidden 1 John 3:4 transgression

  2. Refuse to do what is commanded James 4:17

  3. Add to the command Revelation 22:18-19

  4. Subtract from the command

  5. Substitute parts of the command Hamburger in communion

Authority 2 kinds

  1. Generic General command includes all needed to obey the command

    1. Mark 16:15 Go boat, airplane, walk, drive car

    2. Mark 16:15 Preach Paper, TV, internet, email

    3. Hebrews 10:25 Assemble rent, build, brick, wood, metal

    4. Matthew 28:19 Baptize pool, baptistry, river

    5. Genesis 6:14 Build ark saw, ax, hammer

    6. James 1:27 Visit widows own home, buy clothes, supply food

    7. Galatians 6:10 Do good food, clothes, motel, medicine

  2. Specific Excludes everything not in the command

    1. Levi is priestly tribe Hebrews 7:12-14

    2. Gopher wood not pine, oak, poplar

    3. Animal sacrifice male lamb, 1 year, no blemish

    4. Preach Gospel social, political, entertain

  3. Instrumental Music in worship is a sin

    1. It adds to the command

    2. Sing is specific excludes playing instruments

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