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1.     Read from article – at end of this outline

2.     We are in the same position as the people of Swaziland

Think about these points:

1.     We chose the shiny object

a.     Material riches

b.     Some are too blind to see beyond the material, physical

c.     Which is most important to you?

d.     Matthew 6:33

e.     Matthew 6:24 – can’t have both

f.      2 Timothy 6:17

2.     Should have chosen the black box – Bible

a.     John 14:1-6

b.     John 6:66-69

c.     John 5:39-47

                                                    i.     44 – honor each other

                                                   ii.     45 – honor is from God

                                                 iii.     45 – Jesus does not accuse you

3.     Scriptures show the one true way – one leg of Jesus

a.     Boo anyone who cannot support their teachings by Scripture

b.     Acts 17:11

4.     What is the true way to worship and serve Him?

a.     Worship Him – Acts 2:42

                                                    i.     Doctrine

                                                   ii.     Fellowship

                                                 iii.     Breaking bread

                                                 iv.     Prayers

b.     Serve Him

                                                    i.     Faithfully – Revelation 2:10

                                                   ii.     Continually – 1 Corinthians 15:58

                                                 iii.     Zealously – always abound

                                                 iv.     By getting to work


From “The Christian Echo”, July 1971, by John Waddey

Last March while preaching in the tiny African nation of Sawzilnad, it was my privilege to participate in one the most unique experiences of my life.

Each year at the “Easter” weekend, the King Sobhuze II, and all of his court and officials participate in a search for “the one leg of Jesus.”

Before you laugh let me tell you something of the background of this strange custom.

In the distant past a Swazi king had a dream, so the legend goes. In his dream he saw a one legged man coming to the Swazi people with a choice of two gifts. In one hand was a black box; in the other was a shiny object.

The people chose the shiny object. The dream was interpreted thusly: the only legged man was Jesus Christ. (Here we see a syncretism of the local paganism which always pictures the “father of spirits” as a one legged man.) The one leg signified there is but one true way to worship and serve him. The black box was the Bible; the shiny object, material riches.

Unfortunately the people grasped the shiny object

From that time to this the king and all his people take the three days of “Easter” weekend and search for the one leg of Jesus, that is, the one true way to worship and serve Him.

When brother Nick Dekker first attended one of these sessions three years ago, the audience and moderator were so impressed that others relinquished their time and the hearers demanded that he be allowed to continue. He spoke over five hours without a recess. Really that day was the decisive victory that put the Church of Christ “on the map” in Swaziland.

Like elsewhere in the world, denominational teaching has been extremely short on Biblical content. When a preacher comes upon the scene, quoting or reading Scriptures, giving citations to confirm h is point, the Africans are visibly impressed.

When a point was made and sustained by Scripture, the audience visibly and audibly approved. However, woe was unto that man who misquoted the Bible or offered his opinion. Without mercy, the crowd rejected him and ordered him to sit down.


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