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Acts 2:38

1. Two commands Two promises

Commands: Repent, Be Baptized
Promises: Remission of Sins, Gift of the Holy Spirit

2. What is the "Gift of the Holy Spirit"?
3. Did you receive it when you were baptized?
4. How has it changed your life?

I. Fact of Indwelling

The Holy Spirit does dwell in the Christian.
Acts 5:32
Romans 8:9
I Corinthians 3:16

II. How of Indwelling

Dwells In By Faith

God dwells in us II Corinthians 6:16 By Faith I John 4:15
Christ dwells in us John 6:56 By Faith Ephesians 3:17
Holy spirit dwells in us II Timothy 1:14 By Faith Galatians 3:2
The power is in proportion to our faith. More faith means more power.
Less faith means less power in our lives.

III. Power of Indwelling

1. Power to Overcome Sin and Temptation

A. Romans 8:13
B. Galatians 5:16-26
C. Romans 8:1-8

2. Power to Overcome Doubt and give assurance

A. Ephesians 1:13-14 Sealed
B. Romans 8:18-23 Wait
C. Hebrews 12:1-3 Endure
D. I John 5:13 Assurance
E. I John 3:24 Abides

3. Power to Strengthen and Comfort

A. John 14:16-18
B. John 14:26
C. Ephesians 3:16


  1. "Comfortless" means the absence of support or strength. Same word is translated "fatherless" in James 1:27. The Greek word is "orphanos".
  2. "Comforter" is from the Greek word "paraclete". As a lawyer steps in beside us to plead our case, so the Holy Spirit steps in beside us to support, strengthen and comfort us.
  3. "Another" does not mean different. It means that another person of similar quality will be present.

4. Testimony of Our Salvation

A. Romans 8:16
B. The Spirit testifies WITH our spirit
C. There must be agreement between the two.

Holy Spirit Says Our spirit says

1. Believe - I have/have not
2. Repent
3. Confes
4. Be Baptized
5. Worship
6. Serve Christ by Serving Others

5. Marks Us As Genuine

A. Ephesians 1:13
B. II Corinthians 1:21-22
C. Ephesians 4:30
D. "Seal" is not like a "Ball Dome" lid.
E. "Seal" describes:

1. A mark that the item is genuine
2. Power of ownership
3. This one is authentic!


1. Resist Acts 7:51
Don't fight against the power.
Go with the flow of power.

2. Quench I Thessalonians 5:19
Do not try to put out the fire.
Do not smother the power.

3. Lie to Acts 5:3
Do not try to deceive the Holy Spirit.
You can only try to fool yourself.

4. Grieve Ephesians 4:30
Do not rebel against the power of the Spirit.
The Holy Spirit is sent to "HELP" you.
Do not make His work one of grief.

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