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          1. We will be dealing with some controversial matters. This does not mean that I am advocating that we overthrow what we are now doing or make drastic changes. We may be dealing with matters that have long been practiced a certain way. This does not mean that this way is wrong. It may indicate that we made a rule based on a misunderstanding of the teachings of the Bible. I am not advocating that we must throw out the past methods. We must make changes if what we are doing is wrong (anti-Biblical). It is not necessary to change what is non-Biblical.

          2. There are two terms that we must clearly understand. We must make clear distinction between:

          A. Anti-Biblical (contrary to Bible teaching )

                    1. Sprinkling for baptism.

                    2. Instrumental music in worship.

                    3. Women elders.

          B. Non-Biblical (not supported in Scripture )

                    1. Individual communion cups.

                    2. Weddings in the church building.

                    3. Women having a "Ladies Day".

          NOTE: In matters that are contrary to the Bible, we must make changes. We must cease what is wrong and begin doing what is right. In matters that are non-Biblical, we must look to other teachings and principles to determine if what we are doing is proper.

          3. My task is to teach you what the Bible says. If we are doing things differently, that does not mean that we are presently wrong. It simply means that we need to be aware that we have adopted a policy that is non-Biblical.

          4. There are two premises on which this study is based. The major premise of this study is:

Women can do everything men can do in their worship and service in the kingdom of God except:

          A. Teach (preach) over the man.

          B. Have authority over the man.

          The minor premise is:  We often try so hard to avoid Rome that we by-pass Jerusalem.

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