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  1. 1 Peter 3:12

    1. Peter quotes from Psalm 34:15

    2. Albert Barnes - That is, he is their Protector. His eyes are indeed on all people, but the language here is that which describes continual guardianship and care.

  2. John 9:31

    1. John Gill - All mankind are sinners, even God's elect; yea, such who are truly gracious and righteous persons; for there is no man without sin; and God hears such who cry unto him day and night; such Christ came to save; for such he died; and these he calls to repentance; and every penitent sinner God hears: but by "sinners" are meant notorious sinners, such in whom sin reigns, who live in sin, and particularly impostors.

    2. Adam Clarke - But in what sense may it be said, following our common version, that God heareth not sinners? When they regard iniquity in their heart - when they wish to be saved, and yet abide in their sins - when they will not separate themselves from the workers and works of iniquity. In all these cases, God heareth not sinners.

    3. Often said in the Old Testament Job 27:9; Psalm 66:18; Isaiah 1:15; Isaiah 59:2

    4. This passage teaches that Jesus is NOT a sinner. Jesus made a request of God to heal the blind man. If Jesus were a sinner, God would not have responded.


    1. All men can call on God.

    2. Deliberate, willful, rebellious sinners God will not honor

    3. All who are children of God can call on their Father

    4. There are rules (requirements) for the prayer to be acceptable to God.

      1. Faith

      2. True heart

      3. Willing to forgive others

      4. Ready to submit to God's will

      5. Prepared to give God gratitude and praise for the answer

    5. NOTE There are two issues here:

      1. Non-Christians can call on God but other than leading to faith and obedience God does not listen

      2. Christians can call on God for forgiveness, help, comfort, strength and all other proper requests.


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