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A valid baptism

What is required for baptism to be acceptable to God?

Requirements for baptism to be acceptable to God

Who is being baptized NOT Infidel, Infant, Idiot
  BUT Believer, Repent, Confess, Desire to obey
How it is done NOT Sprinkle, Pour, Oil, Ashes
  BUT Immersion, In water
Why it is being done NOT Already saved, Join church, Please spouse
  BUT Seeking forgiveness, Salvation



  1. Place of baptism – church building, hospital, swimming pool, bathtub, outdoors
  2. Kind of water – lake, stream, river, ocean, heated, city water
  3. Person who baptizes – preacher, male, member, atheist
    A. In NT – always in passive voice (done to you), not middle voice (do to yourself)
    B. If only a valid Christian can baptize, then must have a "chain" back to Pentecost.
  4. Witnesses – worship service, family, alone
  5. Posture – face first, on back, in chair, squat down
  6. Costume – robe, jeans, shower cap, ear plugs
  7. Ceremony – what words are said, if any
    A. "In Jesus name"
    B. "In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit"
    C. "For the remission of sins"
    D. Having a ceremony is a good idea – but it is not required
    E. Do not reduce baptism to an incantation or magic spell

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