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Below is the line of Terah and Abraham.  This includes the origin of the major tribes that (even today) continue to be a problem for the nation of Israel.




                              Abraham                                                                   Haran



Isaac            Zimran                    Ishmael                                                  Lot

(by Sarah)    Jokshan                  (by Hagar)

                              Medan                    (12 tribes)




                              (by Keturah)



Jacob           Esau                                                                         Ammon  Moab

(Israel)                    (Edom)

(12 tribes)


                              Eliphaz         Reuel





Tribes that have given trouble to Israel

Edomites (Esau, Gen. 36:9)

Ammonites (Amman, Jordan Gen. 19:38)

Moabites (Gen. 19:37)

Ishmaelites (Gen 16:11; 17:20)

Midianites (Same as Ishmaelites - Gen.37:28)

Amalekites (fr. Esau-Eliphaz, Gen. 36:12)

          NOTE: All of these tribes settled in what is NOW Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait

          NOTE: Garden of Eden was in what is now Iraq.  Abraham came from the location that is now Bagdad, Iraq.  It was known as Babylon in two different periods of O. T. history.

          NOTE: Think about all that is included in the term, "The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob."  It would include all of these tribes.  Today, some call Him "Jehovah" while others call His "Allah."  All have their religious roots in Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

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