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Private vs. Public Worship


Worship – Public or private

  1. Includes the most of the same actions – sing, pray, study

  2. Giving and communion – limited to Sunday assembly of church

  3. Must follow the same rules – Prayer rules, Sing (no instrument), etc.


Individual aspect of public worship

  1. Sing – make melody in your heart, spirit and understanding

  2. Give – cheerful, purpose in heart, willing

  3. Pray – in faith, not doubting, spirit and understanding

  4. Study – open mind, hear, search, understand, obey

  5. Communion – discern the Lord’s body, remember


Public worship

  1. 1 Corinthians 14:14-17

  2. Some rules for public worship

  3. Speak on behalf of the congregation


Rules for participation in public worship

  1. Worship God

  2. Talk to God – not preach, not to audience, not announcements

  3. Use natural language – not just high sounding words

  4. Keep dignity and reverence in what you do

  5. Lead the thoughts of the congregation – think for them

  6. Speak so all can hear – PA mike, or have a loud voice

  7. Not a time slot to fill

  8. Specific – names, needs (but not confidential information)


Private worship

  1. Not limited to time or place

  2. Matthew 6:5-8

  3. Private can be more personal – problems, needs, sins, desires

  4. We can me more intimate – personal relationship with God

  5. Our praise and prayer will be deeper – not limited to songs selected


Levels of private worship

  1. Individual – one person, alone in prayer, study and worship

  2. Small worship group – 2-10 – family, outing, camping, reunion (Teens on campout, retreat)

  3. Small gathering – 2-10 – some evening 8 people gather

  4. Ethiopian in Acts 8 – Where did he worship the first Sunday home? What about Lydia, the Philippian jailer, Cornelius, and Saul in Tarsus?

  5. Visit a sick person in the hospital – have prayer

  6. Take communion to a shut-in in a nursing home


Scriptures to study

  1. Matthew 6:6 – into closet, in secret

  2. Matthew 18:19-20 – 2 or 3 agree, 2 or 3 gathered in Jesus name


Issue to understand – Purpose of gathering

  1. Is this gathering on Sunday, for the purpose of worshipping God?

  2. Is this gathering just some friends who decided to sing together?


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