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1. Benjamin Franklin said, "I have lived, Sir, a long time, and the longer I live, the more convincing proofs I see of this truth - that God governs in the affairs of men....If a sparrow cannot fall to the ground unseen by him, was it probable an empire could arise without his aid?"

2. Is it reasonable?

          A. God made us.  He would be concerned about his creation.  He has a continued interest in our welfare.

          B. God said so.       Rom. 8:28

                    [1] General - rain, sun, natural materials, etc.

                              Ps. 65:9                  Job 38:41

                    [2] Specific - to meet a purpose of God

3. Romans 8:31-35, 37-39

          It is clear that God is taking care of his children.

4. II Corinthians 4:17-18

5. Measuring by the wrong standard.

          Man's primary purpose in existence is to honor and glorify God and to become as God-like as it is humanly possible to become.  Now this being so, everything that takes him away from God is evil, and everything that brings him toward God is good.

          It is quite possible that the frowns of this world are better than its honors.  It is quite possible that illness is better than health.... The man who spends some time on his back in a hospital room often sees things in a clearer light than he ever saw them while he was going through life without a care.

6. God once intervened directly

          Adam, Noah, Abraham, Daniel

7. Today, the intervention is by a different method.

          Heb. 1:1-2 Past = fathers, prophets

                              Now = through Jesus Christ

8. Birth of Christ

          A. Without fanfare

          B. Because of natural events

          C. Fullness of time = natural events

                    Babylon, Persia, Greece, Rome

9. Rev. 19:16 Christ is King of Kings, Lord of Lords

          Rev. 1:5 Christ is prince of the kings of earth

          Eph. 1:21 Christ is above all powers

          Dan. 2:21 God sets up and removes kings

          Ps. 33:16 No king survives by size of army

          Deut. 32:39

          Is. 46:10 God declares the end from the beginning

10. Examples of Providence

          A. Abraham

                    Gen. 15:13-14 Give him land of Palestine

                    Gen. 22:6 Provide a lamb

          B. Joseph

                    Hated by brothers

                    Put in a pit to die

                    Sold to slave traders

                    Sold at slave auction

                    Falsely accused of attempted rape

                    Cast into prison

                    Seeks to be remembered by the butler -forgotten

                    Have you had this much bad happen in your lifetime? Joseph had faith in the providence of God. Did he understand it here? NO! He just kept believing. God has a purpose in all of this.

          Gen. 45:5-6

          Gen. 50:20-21

                    Sub-Question: Is God the author of jealousy, hate and lust?  NO!

                    1. God has unlimited choices to work things out.

                    2. God can take man's evil intent and turn it for His purposes.

                    3. All involved with Joseph did so, on their own.

                    4. James 1:13 God does not tempt man.

                    5. God can guide, open doors, create situations to lead us in the right direction.

          C. Moses

                    1. He had to wait until God was ready for him.

                    2. Moses was 80 when things were ready.

                              A. 40 yrs. in Pharaoh’s house.

                              B. 40 yrs. in wilderness.

                    3. He was now ready to deal with Pharaoh and lead three million people through the wilderness.

          D. Esther Esther 4:14

          E. Wilderness Ps. 78:17-35


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