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1.     Some General Suggestions

a.     Select a time of day

                                                    i.     Early morning

                                                   ii.     Bedtime

b.     Establish a length of time

                                                    i.     Best is about 15 minutes

                                                   ii.     Set a timer

                                                 iii.     Longer – burnout too quickly

                                                 iv.     Shorter – lack of depth

c.     Use your Bible

                                                    i.     Study Bible with helps

1.     Thompson Chain Reference is my favorite

                                                   ii.     Helps needed

1.     Center reference

2.     Concordance

3.     Maps

                                                 iii.     Which translation to use

1.     Use a standard accepted translation

2.     Newer versions lack support helps

3.     King James, New King James, American Standard, New American Standard – my suggestions

2.     Some specific Suggestions about your “Quiet Time”

a.     How to begin

                                                    i.     Set some goals

1.     What you want to accomplish

a.     History

b.     Doctrine

c.     Memory work

d.     Topical study

e.     General study

f.      Devotional

2.     Frequency and time of day

                                                   ii.     Gather materials – (see b. below)

                                                 iii.     Decide on a method of study

b.     Materials needed

                                                    i.     Notebook, folder or binder

                                                   ii.     If using a computer Bible – make notes on the computer

                                                 iii.     Other tools – see below

c.     The setting for the study

                                                    i.     Good table or desk

                                                   ii.     Good light

                                                 iii.     Comfortable seating

                                                 iv.     Out of traffic area

                                                  v.     Same place and time each day

                                                 vi.     Turn off radio / TV – no distractions

d.     Other tools (optional, for deeper study)

                                                    i.     Vine’s Expository Dictionary

                                                   ii.     Young’s or Strong’s Concordance

                                                 iii.     Nelson’s, Smith’s or Davis’ Bible Dictionary

                                                 iv.     Commentaries

1.     General – Johnson’s Notes

2.     Specific book – get a good one

3.     Never buy a whole set by one man

                                                  v.     Nave’s Topical Bible

                                                 vi.     Other translations – for comparison

                                               vii.     Outline of Bible History – B. S. Dean

                                              viii.     For deeper study:

1.     Thayer’s Greek / English Lexicon

2.     Zondervan’s Analytical Lexicon

3.     Interlinear New Testament

3.     Methods of Study

a.     Devotional

                                                    i.     Power for Today – 21st Century Christian

                                                   ii.     Several others available – some caution

b.     Bible Reading

                                                    i.     One Year Bible

                                                   ii.     Goal of 3 chapters per day

c.     Write your own

                                                    i.     Commentary

                                                   ii.     Paraphrase

d.     Book by book – Chapter by chapter

                                                    i.     Outline the book

                                                   ii.     Select a key word for each chapter

e.     Topical

                                                    i.     Use a concordance, Nave’s Topical

                                                   ii.     Follow center references

f.      Workbooks

                                                    i.     Willard Conchin

                                                   ii.     George DeHoff – “Christian Doctrine” series

g.     Workbooks – write your own

                                                    i.     Target an age group

                                                   ii.     Write 13 lessons

                                                 iii.     Use the material in a class

h.     Bible Correspondence Course

                                                    i.     Many are available - mail or online

                                                   ii.     Little or no cost

                                                 iii.     Study at your own pace

i.       Computer program

                                                    i.     Several good available

                                                   ii.     Some are FREE – E-Sword is an excellent one

                                                 iii.     Gospel Advocate has one – Bible Explorer

                                                 iv.     This programs will feature

1.     Commentaries, dictionaries, other helps

2.     Include a – make your own notes


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