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Prejudice is Wrong


Without preferring one before another 1 Timothy 5:21
Respect of persons = sin James 2:8-9

I. Types of prejudice (A study of John 4)

A. Racial - Jew vs. Samaritan (Black/White)
B. Sexual - male vs. female
C. Moral - married 5 times, living with a man

[1] Prostitutes, drug dealers, liars

[2] Homosexuals, child molestors, gossippers

[3] Rapists, murderers, robbers

D. Religious - Jerusalem vs. Mt. Gerazim

[1] Muslims vs. "Christians"

[2] Church of Christ vs. Baptists

[3] Protestants vs. Catholics - N. Ireland

[4] Acts 10:34-35

E. Social - Jews don't deal with Samaritains

[1] Wrong side of the tracks

[2] Not a member of the Country Club

F. Historical - Judged by past history of a nation

[1] Can't trust the Germans

[2] "Save Confederate money, South rise again."

G. Educational - Degrees vs. Common sense

[1] Must have Masters degree to be elder here.

[2] What university did you attend?

H. Economic - Rich vs. poor James 2:8-9

[1] Type of house, heighborhood, section of town

[2] Size of bank account, clothes, jewlery

[3] Kind of car they drive

I. Professional - Prejudge their value to society

[1] Lawyers are crooks

[2] Preachers are lazy

[3] Politians are liars

[4] Doctors vs. Chiropractors

J. Marital status

[1] Married - must for a preacher

[2] Divorced - bad news for anyone

[3] Single - something is wrong with them

[4] "Old Maid" - "Batchelor"

K. Political

[1] Republican vs. Democrat

[2] Liberal vs. Conservative

II. Why do we have prejudice?

A. Sin! James 2:8-9

[1] Hate

[2] Jealousy, Envy

B. Learned from parents and others

C. External is all that we see - at first.

[1] First impressions = lasting ones.

[2] Do you want to know more about this person?

III. Why is prejudice wrong?

A. All men are made in the image of God.

B. All men have a soul that is eternal.

C. All men have value and worth:

[1] To God

[2] To society

IV. How does your prejudice show?

A. Terms used – Offensive to any group.

B. Expressed in actions

V. How do you overcome prejudice?

A. Force yourself to learn and love them.

B. Hate is learned. It can be unlearned.

C. Change the terms of prejudice you use.

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