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On the question of using only one cup in the communion

Matthew 26:26-29



  1. Jesus took the cup – gave thanks – gave it to them

  2. Jesus said – Drink ye all of it (How do you drink a cup?)

  3. This is my blood (Is Christ’s blood represented in the cup OR in the contents of the cup (fruit of the vine)?)

  4. I will not drink of this fruit of the vine. (Clearly Jesus was talking about the contents, not the container.)


Figure of speech

Metonymy = figure of speech in which one thing stands for another.


  1. Hired hand = hired a person (not just a hand)

  2. 500 head of cattle = 500 whole cows (not just heads)

  3. Here the cup = the contents of the cup (Fruit of the vine)


  1. It is clear that Jesus intended to focus not on the container, but the contents.

  2. If only one cup is to be used – How are Christians around the world to partake when only one cup is used?

  3. If you say one cup in each church – you have the church using tens of thousands of cups around the world.

  4. Study 1 Corinthians 10:16-17 – This passage mentions “one bread”. Must all Christians around the world partake of the same bread?

  5. Study Luke 4:17 – This passage mentions the Bible as “the book” (singular). Do you object that there is more than one copy of the Bible?

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