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The omega code


Isaiah 28:9-10 –

(9) Whom will he teach knowledge?

And who will he make to understand the message?

Those just weaned from milk?

Those just drawn from the breasts?

(10) For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept,

Line upon line, line upon line,

Here a little, there a little.”


  1. Is there a “code” hidden in the Hebrew text of the Bible?

  2. Discuss pre-mill implications:
    World ruler = anti-Christ
    Temple rebuilt in Jerusalem
    7 (or 3.5) years of persecution
    Rapture then return of the saints

  3. Is the book and movie based on fact or fiction?

  4. Could these events be dated?

What is the “Bible code”

Michael Drosnin, author of “The Bible Code”, purports to have deciphered biblical predictions of assassinations and nuclear war in the text of the Bible. He claims to have found the following:

He employed two methods of search.

  1. ELS – Equidistant Letter Sequence – This involved removing all the spaces between words in the original text of the Torah and searching the resulting string of 304,805 Hebrew letters.

  2. Word Search – Imagine all these letters laid out in columns of equal length, then searching for words formed in rows, columns or diagonally.

He began looking for words from history – Hitler, Kennedy, etc. Then he began to search for related words near the first. For example, he might find Kennedy in a certain pattern of ELS. Then he might try different line lengths to find related words in a word search.

With the growing use of computers someone came up with the idea that the Bible was really not about the words on the page, but a secret code hidden in the text. They took the Hebrew text removed all the spacing and began to scan – every 7th letter, 12th letter, or 4th letter. They tried all kinds of combinations. They found words. Is this a surprise?

Remember, the Hebrew text does NOT contain vowels – only consonants. So, for example, the word Diana would only be D and N. What is the chance of finding a D and an N 7, 14, 12, 6, or 153 or some other combination of letters apart? Easy! With the free use of vowels, how many words can you think of using D and N? (Den, Donna, Dan, Din, Dane, Dune, Done, etc.)

They also discovered that if they controlled how many letters were in each line they could find words like a word search (up, down, backwards, diagonally in all directions). Various passages needed different line lengths.

From these combinations, they found words about current events. They believe that the Bible told of the death of Princess Diana. They believe they found Hitler, Kennedy’s assassination and the Gulf War, etc. (Kennedy, for example, would be the letters K, N, and D. This could be Kennedy. It could also be candy, canned or conned.)

A man, named James Randi, sought to prove these “codes” to be unreliable. Here is what he did the following:

He concludes, “Yes, all the facts of the universe, past, present and future, are in the Torah. Or Forever Amber. Or the Mask of Nostradamus (a find book, by the way). With those rules, that is. He takes the Bible and makes it like the Delphic Oracle…ambiguous, able to tell you anything you are looking for.”


Dating these events

Some of these events were dated using the Jewish calendar. For example, the Jewish calendar is now in the year 5760. Modern Jews date religious documents with reference to the Creation. Thus 5760 is the year 2000. This means they date the creation at 3760 BC. They do not use BC or AD because this dating system recognizes the birth of Christ.

However, some of the “codes” used the modern method of dating and found “2000”, “millennium” and dates for Pearl Harbor and Hiroshima.


  1. God planned some code in the text of the Bible.

  2. The code is ONLY in the Torah (first 5 books of the OT).

  3. Spaces between words do not count.

  4. That certain letters represent certain words.

  5. What vowels and accent the word needs.

  6. That you should take Hebrew letters to find English words.

  7. The English words are from the 20th Century.

  8. That you read Hebrew backwards to find English words forward.

  9. The skip sequence is different in different for different words.

  10. The text he is working with is identical to the original.

  11. That you begin the ELS at any point (middle of a word).

  12. That sometimes you count forward, other times you count backwards.

  13. Some are in “word search” format (diagonally, up, down, backwards).

  14. That each line should be X letters long.

  15. Modern Hebrew words were in the code (telecommunication, computer and electricity) were coined by God at the time of Moses.

  16. That we should count years by Jewish calendar. (2000 is Jewish year 5760.)

  17. That such codes are unique to the Bible. (What about Moby Dick?)

From this idea came a book “The Bible Code”. It was, of course, not accepted as scholarly because there were so many assumptions.

Paul Crouch, head of the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN – channel 16 on local cable TV) wrote a novel about someone discovering the code about how, who and when the world will end and Jesus will come to set up his Kingdom for 1,000 years. “The Omega Code” is a novel about the rise of a world leader (anti-Christ) and the struggle by this world leader to get the code.

The omega code


False teachings in the book / movie


  1. The word is used only 4 times in Bible

  2. 1 John 2:18 – Now are there many antichrists in the world

  3. 1 John 2:22 – antichrist = one who denies both Father and Son

  4. 1 John 4:3 – Spirit of antichrist, has come, already in the world

  5. 2 John 1:7 – Many deceivers do not believe Jesus came in the flesh

  6. The antichrist is not a person – but a teaching, a doctrine, a concept or idea.

World Leader

  1. The League of Nations was doomed because some thought this was the world leader that would persecute Christians.

  2. The same objections were raised about the United Nations. However, because of two world wars, and so many deaths, the world saw the need.

  3. It is believed that this world leader will be involved in:

    1. Uniting all nations and religions – New World Order

    2. Rebuilding the temple in Jerusalem for the Jews.

    3. Mounting severe persecution against Christians.

  4. It is believed that these events must precede the return of Christ to set up His kingdom.

  5. This world leader represents – Satan, evil, wickedness and persecution.

  6. When Jesus comes 7 years (or 3.5 years) after the rapture, it is believed that Jesus will overthrow this world leader, set up His kingdom in Jerusalem and reign over a world in peace for 1,000 years.

  7. What does the Bible teach? NONE OF THE ABOVE!

Bible Code

  1. The purpose of the Bible was to reveal not conceal.
    1 Corinthians 2:9-13
    Ephesians 3:3-4

  2. God revealed His will so all men would know and understand.
    Romans 1:19-20

  3. There are too many assumptions. (See page 3)


  1. Like most denominations – it teaches salvation by praying the “sinners prayer”.

  2. Lane began to cry, “O God, O God, O God! Forgive me Jesus. Save me. Cleanse me in your blood and make me new. Drive out the fear … drive out the darkness … drive away the demons.”
    At that moment the miracle happened. Lane felt the darkness leave him, almost felt as if something physically was pulled out of him, and he was free.
    ”O Father … O Father … thank you … thank you, Jesus. I receive you into my life, Son of God. You are God. You alone …” The Omega Code, page 300

  3. You can see here – faith, confession, and a desire to be saved.
    This is good and required for salvation.

    However some things are missing.

  4. Repentance is missing – Acts 17:30; Luke 13:3; Acts 2:38

  5. Baptism is missing – Mark 16:16; Acts 22:16; 1 Peter 3:21

  6. Church is missing – Acts 2:47; 1 Corinthians 12:13; Ephesians 1:22-23

  7. Worship is missing – Acts 2:42; Hebrews 10:25

  8. This is the problem with Billy Graham, Benny Hinn, etc.
    The people are taught to believe, pray a sinner’s prayer and they are saved.
    There is no mention of church, worship, and fellowship, baptism, or repentance.

  9. IMPLIED is the false doctrine of once saved, one is always saved.

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